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Our Wonderful Customer Testimonials

Now you don't have to just take our word for it. These experiences are first hand from our customers. 

The best! I have been buying dog and cat food here for years and it's the best pet food store I've ever been to. Everyone who works here is helpful, friendly, smart and really great! The food choices are fabulous, especially if you want healthy, organic or raw food. When I am feeling broke, they help me make some less expensive choices and when I'm feeling rich, they help me find the ones that work best for my animals. They even helped me find the best vet for my pets.

Jane Nash

It is the only place I will go for our cats food. They are so friendly and helpful and really care about which brands they carry. Making sure they are healthy and have good business practices.

Thanks guys!

Jeff Goetz

I love the products available at Happy Tails Pet Center, but it's the staff that makes this place FABULOUS! They are kind and know what they are talking about. The new location on 43rd & King is wonderful, and the store is bright and cheerful. You should check them out...you will be glad you did!

Stephanie F.
We took our finicky and opinionated cat to be groomed by Happy Tails. They were able to calm her down and give her a great experience. 

Today, she is very happy with her "Haircut" (BUZZ-JOB) and so are her parents!

Thank you all for helping us keep our pet clean and happy, you are the best!
Lisa Brooks
I love this store! I recently discovered Happy Tails. On my first visit, I was given so much helpful advice for my cats and my dog without ever being pushed into buying any one certain product, or anything for that matter! I bought a few treats for my pets but did not buy any real food. Instead, I was encouraged to take home the pamphlets and samples and think about what we talked about. This was so helpful to me because I was thinking about the dietary needs of an elder cat, two kittens and my dog - if I had bought entirely new food for all of them on that visit, it would have been due to a hard sell and this is NOT at all what I received. Now that I know how I want to proceed, I can't wait to go back to give Happy Tails my business. I would never go anywhere else, besides, the big chain stores don't even carry the high caliber of food that is offered here. Check it out, it's worth the visit. You will be blown away by the quality and availability of food here in this small, cozy shop.

Great place, Staff really cares about your pet.Long time customer.

Eric S.
I recently discovered Happy Tails and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products and the knowledge of the staff. I've had a very difficult time finding the right food for my Rhodesian/Retriever mix and FINALLY "Baylee" is VERY happy and her skin looks awesome!! I was given great advice as to what products she should try and now she's the happiest I've seen her in a long time!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angie Varnado

Happy Tails has been my preferred choice of dog food providers and grooming needs. I have always received the best customer service with them. Their experience and knowledge in the products they carry is what I consider phenomenal. I know they focus pet wellness without hard selling or pushing a product. I know I can ask them any question regarding my pups and they'll give me their honest opinion. They also know of alternative ways of treating health issues with your pets (i.e...naturopathic, homeopathic specialist). Basically, I love Happy Tail Pet Center :)

Pam Oliver
Happy Tail is by far the best! always extremely friendly and helpful. they truly care about the well being of our pets. best products, best service, and they also care about other important thing...was getting certain brand of food, happy tails no longer carries bcuz food company sold out to a MAJOR corp. i have so much respect for happy tails and staff. i live a little was away and its a pain having to lug big bags of dog and cat food on bus, but i won't shop anywhere else. 
kyle lake

I rescued Zen about 7 yrs ago and she started developing a rash and started losing her hair in large amounts very rapidly and her face was swelling up it was terrifying...I started taking her to the vet and all they ever wanted to do was put her on steroids and meds. I did what they suggested with no improvement until another vet finally discovered food allergies were the source of all her problems..(thousands of dollars later) I was directed to Happy Tails where i put her on grain free kibble and saw a change temporarily! Rene spent so much time talking to me about the raw diet so when I saw Zen having problems again There was no question what I had to do. Both Zen and Tank are on a raw diet now and they have never been more energetic. I see the vitality back in her step and her eyes and coat look amazing. Thank you rene if it wasn't for you I probably would of had to put Zen to sleep because she was so sick. Zen thanks you too. To anyone reading this rene and Deana are the best and are willing to go the extra mile to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I truly thank you guys

-Laure and Matt

Laure and Matt proud parents of Zen and Tank

The crew at Happy Tails is so knowledgeable about pet nutrition. We adopted a loving dog a year ago, who had been overfed but otherwise neglected. Rene suggested we put her on a raw diet. We were hesitant and went with high quality grain free instead. We saw good changes in our dog's health but not weight. Finally, we saw the light and switched her to totally raw. It has been the most amazing transformation! In eight weeks, she has put on muscle, her coat is gleaming, she has shed the pounds. Thank you guys for being patient but encouraging. Seeing the leaps and bounds in my dogs health, I could never go back to kibble!

Michelle, owner of a once overweight pound dog

Happy Tails has been of service to my Chihuahuas because, you have offered to buy the can dog food ("Party Animal") which I love - well I don't love it because I have never tasted it but that's besides the point - You no longer carry this brand of can dog food since there is not a demand for it, yet you have offered to get it for my Chihuahuas anyway. Thanks Happy Tails Pet Center.

Julia owner of 2 Chihuahuas

Here is what Coop asked me to write about Happy Tails:

When I was a baby, my mom was trying to feed me kibble and I was having a lot of problems with an upset tummy and sometimes not being able to keep it down. My mom came in to Happy Tails and talked to Rene, who spent a TON of time with her and answered her questions, and eventually convinced her to try a RAW diet. Mom felt like the pet food market was a flood of information fueled by a few large companies with deep pockets that really resulted in a lot of us dogs being fed poor foods. Rene helped mom sort out the positives and negatives and I am so happy she was able to convince mom to try RAW! I started eating RAW over a year ago, and I couldn't be happier. I love meal time now and the best part is....no more upset tummy and NO MORE THROW UP! Plus, I now have the softest fur and I smell good and am a very healthy weight! 

OH, and Happy Tails has the best toys, and mom always gets me all kinds of good things, and never anything "made in China." 

Now...about the grooming. I received a "slightly off center" cut from another groomer, and I was not very happy getting my hair cut. Rene started cutting my hair, and we have never been happier...or cuter!

Happy Tails is THE pet supply store in Portland....paws down! Thanks! 

Love, Coop.

Cooper and Cooper's Mom
This is the store of the future. The big box stores will go out [big box: store shaped like a box whose name ends in depot or mart in which the workers don't even know the location of an item, let alone what it does] and they will be replaced with small stores with people in them who actually know something about the products their selling! These people not only know alot about pets, they actually care about pets and their owners. They're extraordinary knowledge through experience is invaluable in helping to keep your pet out of the vets office and happy and healthy for a long time to come. My Grandpa owned several small businesses and he was successful because he took the time to care about his customers and answer even their annoying questions. He would love this place.
Cheryl Lewis

Folks are always helpful! They take the time to make sure your needs are met and make your dog feel like she's the best dog ever (even when she isn't!)

Thank you for your great advice and knowledge!