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Brands we carry

All of the foods we carry at Happy Tails, are Corn, Wheat and Soy free. Here are some of the brands we currently carry. If you do not see a brand you are looking for on this list, we may be able to special order for you.

Dry Foods - We carry many varieties & sizes of each manufacturer, but not all types. Please call for availabilty & special pre-paid orders.


Nulo Pet Food  http://nulo.com/

Canine: Canned only

Feline: Freestlye formulas: Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Cod, Duck & Lentil and Salmon & Lentil and all canned.


Tuffys Pet Foods, Inc.: http://www.nutrisourcedogfood.com/ 


Canine: Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice

Grain Free Formulas: Chicken, Lamb, Seafood, Prairie Select, Heartland, Woodlands, High Plains

Feline: Chicken



Canine: Chicken & Rice

Grain Free Formulas: Turkey, Duck,Venison, Salmon, Bison, Beef

Feline Grain Free formulas:  Chicken, Salmon, Duck


Fromm Four Star Pet Foods: www.frommfamily.com/products-fs.php


Grain Free Formulas:

Heartland Gold, Surf & Turf, Salmon Tunalini, Gamebird, Beef Fritatta, Pork & Pea, Lamb & Lentil,  

Duck Hasenpfeffer, Chicken au Frommage

Regular formulas: Pork & Applesauce, Duck & Sweet Potato, Chicken A la Veg, and Salmon A la Veg

Classic Adult and Adult Gold


Grain Free Formula's: Surf & Turf, Salmon & Anchovie, Gamebird, Beef Livatini, Duck Hasenpfeffer, Chicken au Frommage

Regular Formulas: Chicken A la Veg, Salmon A la Veg and Duck A la Veg


Petcurean Pet Foods: www.petcurean.com/

Canine: Now Small Breed Adult

Feline: Go! Grain Free Sensitivity & Shine Trout & Salmon, Sensitivy & Shine Duck, Fit & Free Chicken/Turkey/Duck

 Refresh & Renew Chicken



Champion Pet Foods: www.orijen.ca/orijen/products/

Orijen Grain Free Formulas:

Canine:  Adult

Feline: Cat & Kitten,  Orijen 6 Fish Cat

Acana Grain Free formulas:

Canine: Wild Prairie, Grasslands, Free- Run Poutlry, Heritage Meats, Freshwater Fish

Single source protein Formula's: Duck & Bartlett Pear, Lamb & Okanagan Apple, Pork & Butternut Squash

Feline: Wild Prairie, Grasslands, Meadowland


Firstmate Pet Foods: www.firstmate.com/

Canine Grain Free: Chicken & Blueberries, Australian Lamb, Ocean Fish

Feline: Classic Cat & Grain Free Chicken 



** While supplies last**   Evanger's Pet Foods: www.evangersdogfood.com/

Canine Grain Free:  Chicken, Meat Medley (Rabbit/beef)


Zignature Dog Food: http://www.zignature.com/

Trout & Salmon, Lamb, Turkey, Duck, Whitefish, Kangaroo, Venison, Salmon, Pork, Catfish

If you don't see your regular food listed here, please let us know.


Rawz Pet Foods: http://rawznaturalpetfood.com/

Grain Free Cat Chicken/turkey and Salmon/chicken/whitefish

Grain Free Dog Chicken/Turkey 3.5lb 


 Raw Frozen, freeze dried and dehydrated foods - We carry many varieties & sizes of each manufacturer, but not all types. Please call for availabilty & special pre-paid orders. 



Northwest Naturals Pet Food  :  http://www.nw-naturals.net/

Canine: Nuggets 6lb bags, 1lb bars or 25lb bulk box: Chicken, Chicken & Salmon, Beef, Beef & Bison, Lamb, Turkey, Whitefish & Salmon


Beef & Bison and Lamb 25lb boxes (pre-pay order ahead only)

Freeze Dried Raw Diets: Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Bison/Beef, Chicken/Salmon, Whitefish &Salmon

Freeze Dried Raw Treats: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Bison liver or Salmon

Feline Raw & Freeze Dried diets: Chicken or Turkey 


Columbia River Naturals  : http://columbiarivernaturalpetfoods.com/ 

Beef blend, Beef & heart, Beef & heart w/veggies, Buffalo, Chicken, Chicken & beef heart, Chicken & beef liver, Chicken & veggies, Cow pie, Duck, Duck & Veggies, Green Tripe, Guinea Hen, Lamb, Pheasant, Quail, Rabbit, Turkey & Beef heart, Turkey & Veggie, Lamb Bones.


The Honest Kitchen: www.thehonestkitchen.com/products/

Feline: Prowl & Grace



Sojo's: http://www.sojos.com/?utm_source=SearchAlliance&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Branding_Sojos 

Canine: Beef, Turkey and Goat

 Sojo's Freeze dried treats and biscuits.


The Real Meat CO.: http://www.realmeatpet.com/food.htm 


Air Dried Raw

Canine: Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Turkey/Venison


 Stella & Chewy'swww.stellaandchewys.com/products.html

Freeze Dried Canine Varieties: Beef, Chicken, Duck Duck Goose, Pheasant, Lamb & Venison

(Available in patties and meal mixers)


Primal Bones only: www.primalpetfoods.com/


Recreational Bones: Beef (We keep 2" 6 packs in stock )


Rad Pet Foods: www.radfood.com/index.iml/about_us

Feline: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Beef, Venison and Pork 


Rawz Freeze Dried Dog Food:http://rawznaturalpetfood.com/dog/freeze-dried-nutrition/

Chicken & Turkey 3.5lb (special order for others please)


Grandma Lucy's: https://www.grandmalucys.com/product-category/artisan-dog-food/



If you don't see your regular food here, please let us know.

Canned & Pouched food - We carry many varieties & sizes of each manufacturer, but not all types. Please call for availabilty & special pre-paid orders. Special orders are for full cases of the same flavor only.  


Party Animal (Cat only) (no cans with beef right now)

Cocolicious (no cans with beef right now)

***While supplies last**** Evanger's (no cans with beef right now)







Nummy Tummy




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